Boater Up

For some the boater hat is known as basher, skimmer, cady, katie, somer, sennit hat, or in Japan, can-can hat. Whatever you call it, this stiff flat crown with a striped grosgrain and brim is all you'll need this summer. In the late 19th and early 20th century this headgear was used for boating or sailing, hence the name. Nowadays, not so much, but still a great way to get an old school look. 

There was a time when all men wore hats outdoors. "Straw Hat Day", was when gents switched from wearing winter to summer hats. This day, pretty much marked the unofficial beginning of summer. Naturally, the boater made an appearance and now that I think of it wouldn't mind if that concept made a comeback.

I like the idea of dressing down the Boater because its typically known for being a formal hat. In my

Louisiana Lou

post I wore it with causal overalls and chucks and the gent in the last photo pairs the hat with a white tee and striped shorts. Clearly, dressing down the boater is cool because you'll add an unexpected twist to a menswear classic. Boater Up!