Lou Picks | Black & Gold Accessories

Black & Gold can be a sophisticated color combination when done on the right. It works well with formal or casual wear and automatically makes a statement. Here are some brands that kept it cool and elegant:   

First, the black & gold studded cigarette case. I actually use this a as card holder because I don't carry much cash, so its a nice alternative to a leather wallet. It makes a great conversational piece, because people seemed to be intrigued by the studs. (sold at Jewelry Cafe in Soho (212) 965-8123). 

My second pick is the black & gold "Flat Top Francis" by RetroSuperFuture (sold at Atrium SoHo). To be honest, I'm not fan of sunglasses with huge logos on the arm, because I find them to be obnoxious, so that's why these work for me. If your looking for something flashy but not over the top than these might fit your aesthetic.  

Finally, we have the black & gold "Sentry Watch" by Nixon (sold at Atrium - (212) 473-3980), which features an octagon shaped 50 meter stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal Normally I don't go for bracelet bands because they look dated,
 but I like Nixon's modern take on this traditional style.