Lou Picks | The Man's Book by Thomas Fink

“A must-have book. Fink’s compellingly brilliant guide to manly life . . . is a fascinating guide to being a man in the twenty-first century. A wonderful present, or simply a great guide to the confusions of modern life.” —GQ (UK)
“Thomas Fink’s must-have man-ual teaches you all the essentials, like how to tie a bow tie, mix a martini, and get in a serious workout at home using only two sturdy chairs and a broomstick. ” —Men’s Fitness

Being modern and manly in today’s world isn’t always easy.

  • Do you know how to tie a bow-tie, mix a martini, or make a potato gun?
  • Do you know when to get married and how to break up, or the difference between a bock beer and a bitter?
  • Do you know which urinal to choose or how to start a fire with a Coke can?

The answers to every man’s burning questions are within these pages, from the morning wet shave to the whiskey night-cap, from hunting deer with a .30-06 to wooing women like 007. At a time when the sexes are muddled and masculinity is marginalized, THE MAN’S BOOK unabashedly celebrates maleness. Organized by subject in a man-logical way, it’s the go-to guide for anyone with a Y chromosome.