New Orleans Jazz Fest (Part 1)

These past couple of weeks have been a style overload for me. First, the Australia adventure (which btw I still have loads of unpublished images to release) and now the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Attending this festival was totally random because a few friends told me they were going and so I hopped on the bandwagon (seem like spontaneity is the key to a good time) This year, I didn't get the chance to visit Coahella or SxSw music festivals because of my terrible planning. So, Jazz Fest was the perfect opportunity to catch up on festival street style and atmosphere. Not to mention, the Fest isn't super commercialized in the fashion world but as you can see so much style and culture was present. I consider the New Orleans Jazz Fest a hidden gem for style enthusiasts.

All jokes aside, it was hard for me to decide what was better: the food, the fashion, or the festival music. Each aspect worked harmoniously making my weekend beyond awesome. From what I hear it was raining in NoLa last week so almost everyone wore rain boots because of the mud. Nice to see the locals embrace the unusual weather stylishly. Well done!

Overall, the Fest is a place to get exposed to all types of music. Old friends reconnected and new friendships began. Families bonded and couples held hands. Yes, these past 2 days has been nothing short of soaking up the sun in an open field and tasting some of the best food the city of NoLa has to offer. Folks, look out for part two of this Jazzy photo series because the party ain't over yet.

Any outfits or shots that stand out to you? What do you like and dislike?


"Events"Dapper Lou