High Altitudes

Every good adventure begins with the desire to experience a new facet of life. For a bunch of guys from Brooklyn, New York, a weekend among the scenic woodlands of Connecticut was a great way to broaden our horizons. And so, we commenced our journey, equipped with backpacks and water bottles.

We ventured out in the serenity of a Sunday afternoon that reminded us of summer’s vitality and vigor. Temperatures were reaching just above 80 degrees Fahrenheit but this did not deter us en route to our first stop at Southford Falls. There was a dominating coolness in the atmosphere as we stood amidst massive boulders, towering trees and the perpetually flowing water present at the Falls.

 Our next stop helped us reach higher altitudes at East Rock Park. We hiked up a rocky, wooden pathway carved out of the mountain's side to gain a deeper appreciation for a bird's eye view; overseeing New Haven's landscape. Despite the fatigue that came with completing two hikes, we readied ourselves for Sleeping Giant. We traveled along a progressively steep trail for half an hour before reaching the majestic tower at Sleeping Giant. This castle-like structure provided us with a wondrous view of Connecticut’s green lands. The guys and I rested while taking in the view of the approaching sunset. Before the sun retired for the day, we ascended down the trail to head back home.

The day’s expedition ended with a small gathering around a fire pit outside of my friend’s house. This proved to be the ideal opportunity to share a bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir. The smooth taste of the wine is balanced with a moderately dry finish. It contains the perfect balance for my palate. Elation filled our laughter as we recalled the adventures of the day. La Crema Pinot Noir does well to savor life’s unforgettable moments, which is why I chose it for this summer occasion. This harvest season, be a part of the winemaking journey and weigh in on La Crema's next varietal by creating your own unique adventure with the Virtual Vintner experience by La Crema.

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