NOLA Vibes

Our recent photo journey to New Orleans gave us a crash course on it's major elements and themes. The food and fashion coated with gravitas, and the culture and jazz exploding with rich expressiveness, made this trip to Nola feel as if it were far out and away from the Hustle and Bustle of New York. Life there is so much different, so much more fluid with it's 20MPH speed limit, it's never failing southern hospitality, and it's vibrant living scenery of houses splashed with the four pillars of Nola:

Food. Fashion. Culture. Jazz.

The energy on Frenchman Street empowered us to see the musical notes of Jazz Fest float over our heads and infect the very rhythm in which we, along with the people, walked. Gators, Poboys, beignets and crawfish from restaurants like Cafe de Monde, Commander's Palace and Dat Dog, played our taste buds with the tss-tss-tss! of the hi-hat on a drum set.

To match the pulsating vibes of New Orleans, I stayed fresh to death in bold Japanese twill pants from Paige Denim. The chinos worked well when styled with a floral shirt, white kicks and a golden brown fedora hat. The fearless experiment with the bold hues of summer blues opens one's every biological senses to the ever-thriving, ever-rythmic, ever-joyful mantra of New Orleans:

Food. Fashion. Culture. Jazz.


Enjoy the photo set and stay tuned for more post in the days to come. 



Lougè Delcy