Interview Ave | PR Consultant Matthew Zorpas

PR Consultant Matthew Zorpas is first up for my new interview series called "Interview Ave", that will feature people with interesting style and stories on the streets. Last month, Matthew was nice enough to give me a tour of London despite my short visit. He showed me some of the coolest spots like the Tate Modern museum, we walked over the Golden Jubilee Bridge with a view of the London Eye, and passed by the historical Trafalgar Square. Finally, we ended up on Savile Row, and what better way to kick off the interview series than on the birthplace of bespoke tailoring? 

Tell me a little bit about yourself?  

I'm Matthew and I'm 24 years old. I'm originally from Cyprus but I have been living in London for the past five years. I graduated in Public Relations and I'm currently lecturing at Istituto Marangoni. I'm also the London Correspondent for Un nouveau Ideal, voted the second best dressed man in Britain and I'm also a firm supporter of new generation designers. 

You were recently named second best dressed man by Esquire UK. How do you stand out in such a fashion forward town? 

As forward as people think London is, honestly the city pays minimum attention to new talents and designers. I spent a great amount of time researching and discovering new talents from graduation shows all around the world. From Hong Hong to Antwerp, from London to  New York. I manage to pick up on the catwalk trends and present them in the streets ahead of time. 

What projects are you working on?

I'm currently preparing the wardrobe for a British film, lecturing at Istituto Marangoni and also working on a product design to be launched hopefully in the summer. Follow me @matthewzorpas for updates. 

If you were not working in fashion, what would you be doing? And why?

Anywhere that I can still be creative and revolutionary. I would love to work for European Committee or Cyprus Embassy in their cultural department. I like working on projects which directly help young people and make a difference to the world. 

What are some of your favorites places to hangout in London and why? 

Gordon's wine bar cause its relaxed and unpretentious 

Sketch for the deco and smashing cocktails

BBB Notting Hill for the tasty snacks and stylish crowd

Describe your best childhood memory.

The family trip in Disneyland Paris on my second grade. I still remember the magical lights parade, Michael Jackson waving from the hotel room and mum and dad joining me in the crazy rides!

What's on your playlist?

Yann Tiersen - Le Phare, Les Jours Heureux and Lana del Rey - Born to die, Without you. 

If time travel was possible where and when would you live?

Paris in the 50s. 

Who or what is your current inspirations? And why?

Six Lee, Liria Pristine, HLH, Tina Elisabeth and Kay Kwok are designers that I look up to for inspirations but mainly instinct has been one of the largest driving factors behind selecting and putting together my outfits. Life wise, my partners in life always turned to be inspirational.

What books are you reading?

I'm more of a visual person, I'm very easily distracted. My last purchase was Hedi Slimane's Rock Diary. 

Number one fashion faux- pas? 

Suits and trainers.