Street Gents | Lam Nguyen...Piedmont Ave, Atlanta GA

Last week I spent some time visiting my sister in Atlanta and couldn't help but shoot a little street style. While sitting in a little coffee shop, I noticed the red stripe of Lam's Gucci bag. So of course I ran out and asked to photograph him near the corner of Piedmont and 10th Street. What are your thoughts on the look? 

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Street Gents | Leo Brooks...Crosby St

Navy, Red and White has always been a great color combination. But take note on how Leo styled this look with mostly navy like the beanie, overcoat and trousers. He introduced a pop of color with the red v-neck sweater,blue oxford shirt, and white trainers. Navy has never been so cool. What are your thoughts on Leo's look?

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Street Gents | Will...On Mercer St

I hardly see guys in New York wearing off white leather jackets in the fall, so Will immediately caught my attention. He told me the jacket was vintage Yohji Yamamoto. Thought the pairing a black cap, backpack and hooded sweater was neat because it puts focus on the coat. I didn't get a full body shot but I believe he was also wearing black slim jeans and sneakers. What do you think about Will's look? 

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Street Gents | Art Producer Jerid Gooding

I admire a gent that is not afraid to mix prints because it requires confidence, taste and creativity. Here Jarid pairs a plaid scarf, martini pocket square, blue check shirt, and stripes socks. Surprising it all works. But why is that? Because Jerid tones downs the printed details with a basics like the grey double vent blazer, blue cuffed jeans and suede boots. Balance is key, but also knowing your sartorial limits makes all the difference.

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Street Gents | Restaurant Owner Johnny Santiago

Every gentleman should own at least one gray coat. The color is essential to menswear and in most cases is more interesting than typical black. I fancy Johnny Santiago's flannel coat and scarf mix because the two textures complement each other. Normally, when purchasing a coat I naturally think to get a hat, scarf and gloves in a contracting color. But Johnny's combo reminded me of how mixing grays make for a cool and casual downtown look. How would you have styled this look?

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Have a great weekend. 

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Street Gents | Stylish Dad...Bedford Street, Brooklyn

It's always cool to see a stylish father scrolling around the city. A color blocked effortless outfit is always a good look. But I must admit, the baby bib sticking out the back pocket of this guys pants is probably the best touch of detail. What are your thoughts?   

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Street Gents | Author Alex Gilvarry...Central Park West

Today I made my way to the Upper West Side for a change. I was waiting to meet up with a friend for tea when I spotted the gentleman pictured below on the corner of Central Park West and 72nd. Right before he crossed the street I got a quick snap of his attire. Alex's mac made me realize Fall is actually here and it's time to go shopping from my closet again. 

What are your thoughts on Alex's early Fall look?   

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Julien's Style Evolution

Last week, photographer Julien Boudet and I took a little trip to Far Rockaway Beach. I couldn't help but notice that his style has changed significantly since we first met two years ago. The first image below is his current style and the second is in 2010. It's interesting how over time our style can gradually change and sometimes we may not even notice it. What are your thoughts on Julien's style evolution?

Far RockAway Beach 

SoHo 2010