Street Gents | Supreme Jacket

The menswear tradeshows are happening next week and I'm looking forward to see where fashion takes us for Fall 2013. Hopefully we can graduate from the heavy camo and farmer chic looks I've been seeing lately, but highly doubt it. Anything you want to see this fall?

Also, I've sat down with PROJECT one of the leading men's tradeshows to discuss my predictions. Here is what I said. 

Street Gents | Andre McDonnell

Winter in New York is a time where people resort to wearing black because it's quick and easy. But I fancy the way Andre incorporates color to his all black attire. The black and orange Adidas track pants works well with the Margiela blue patent leather sneakers because your eyes are drawn to the color. Andre's look is  comfortable yet stylish, so what more can a guy ask for? Thoughts on this outfit? 

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Street Gents | Steven Cox of Duckie Brown...Bleecker Street

At first when I spotted this man I didn't even realized he was Steven Cox of Duckie Brown. He caught my attention because of his mixing of pink and orange. But as I do my routine, "what are wearing?" questions it finally clicked that he's a menswear designer. Clearly, I can be slow at times but I think I played of off pretty well. Seeing him also reminded me of how quickly fashion week is creeping up on me, so i'll have to prepare for the shows soon. 

What are your thoughts on Steven's use of color in this look? Would you change anything about this look or do you like it as is? 

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Street Gents | Camo Biker

Bikers are not easy to shoot. While walking down Broome Street, this guy flew passed me so I didn't think I would get the shot. Fortunately, for a split second he stopped at the  traffic light and that's all I needed to capture him. Perfect timing. Bikers move so quickly so it feels like a huge accomplishment when I caught them (forgive me I'm a geek).

What do you think about the camo on camo? Is too much or does it work? If you would style this differently, I'm curious to know how and why?

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Street Gents | Anonymous

What do you think about this look? Trying too hard or cool? Let me know what you think.

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