Bend It Like Beckhem, Style It Like Lou

The good folks at H&M invited me to London to attend the global launch event for David Beckham Bodywear line. Words can't begin to describe how amazing this trip was. It's not everyday I get to stay at The WestBury Hotel, meet David Beckham and shoot street style in Europe. My first night, I had dinner at Bar Boulud with the H&M rep and friends. The food was brilliant, I ordered the roasted lamp rump, braised shoulder cavolo Nero, Jerusalem artichoke, Israeli couscous sweet piguante peppers and tamrind jus. 

The event took place the following at the H&M store on Regent Street. Mr. Beckham arrived fashionably  late wearing a cream shawl collar sweater and blue jeans. Load of photographers started taking his picture than he started signing autographs for the public. 

After the event, we headed to The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair for a rather posh interview session. Tim Blanks of had a one-on-one chat with David and here are some of the questions/answers:

Tim Blanks: So why underwear, what did you feel that was missing in underwear that you could add to the whole?

David Beckham: I mean everyone needs underwear most of the time. So I think there are obviously some good underwear brands out there, but there's not great ones in my eyes. So the reason is - that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do it myself. I know what feels good, I kind of know what looks good, and like I said there are some great underwear brands out there, but I wanted to do it myself and I wanted to do something different.

TB: So this is your experience rather than research, this is what you have learnt from wearing underwear?

DB: Yeah, obviously there's a lot of research that goes into it, of course, you know I've been around for 36 years so I've seen my fair share of underwear. But no, you know, I think it was important for me to keep it simple. I like simple underwear, I like to be comfortable, I like to feel good - and you know that's what I've gone for.

TB: Do you have an underwear wardrobe; do you have like what you wear when you're playing, what you wear when you go out?
DB: I do now. No, you know obviously I wear the briefs when I'm playing because I feel more comfortable. But, you know, there's occasions for each item, so the long johns I won't wear when I'm playing though.

Next we changed and got ready for the after party that took place at the Henry Moore Courtyard in Millbank. Beyond posh. 

Thank you H&M for this wonderful experience.