Hugo Boss x Dapper Lou (Part 1)

I was commissioned by Hugo Boss for this super cool project. The mission was to take city pictures around the New York City (kinda like a tour guide of my favorite things to do and see). As you know, I shoot gals and gents on the street, but this project was not about clothes more about city shots and impressions. I got to see the city thought a different light. It's easy to get jaded since I grew up in Brooklyn and sometime feel like I've seen it all, but the Hugo Boss collaboration made me realize that the city is forever changing and there is so much to discover. I know it sounds cheesy but I got the chance to slowly explore a city that is so fast paced and always on the go. I love you New York.

Check out my more images and my city tips here!

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Dapper Lou x Met Museum... Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

The Metropolitan Museum of Art invited me to a private viewing of their latest exhibition "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity. The museum is closed to the public on Mondays so being in the almost empty space was a unique experience in itself. A staff member walked me through the exhibition as I documented what inspired me. Normally, the security guards would yell, "no photography" but today was special, they watched me snap away. What a great feeling! 

This new exhibition puts a focus on the role that fashion played in the works of the impressionists and their contemporaries.  The met has paired some of the most major works from this movement with period costumes, accessories, fashion plates, photographs and popular prints which clearly illustrate a vital and vibrant relationship between fashion and art from the mid 1860s to the mid 1880s.

A cornerstone of the impressionist  movement  is reflected by Charles Baudelaire’s definition of modernity—“the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent”—they sought to capture the “look of the moment." Paris was becoming the style capital of the world. Ready to wear was now a reality as were department stores. Fashion magazines were becoming popular.  Parisienne life was becoming a bustling boulevard.  For an artistic movement that's mission was to capture the feeling of the times, this new way fashion was moving, with its trends and novelty, proved an alluring subject. A subject that could focus on the clothes but that could also show the relationship people were developing because of the clothes.  The relationship of the sales girl to the customer, the relationship of the hat to the millinery girl putting it on the form. By embracing the new fashion they were able to caption the new modernity.

Featuring works by Monet, Manet, Renoir  and Degas (to name a few)The Met has put an exhibition together that puts into context the importance of fashion to one of the most loved and recognized art movements. It also serves as a reflection on the importance of fashion in art today and how it still informs artists to capture "the look of the moment."

The exhibition goes on until May 27th, 2013, so pay them a visit if your interested. To learn more please click here

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MEI New York Fall 2013...Styled by Dapper

Last month, my designer friend Carol Yip from MEI New York asked me to style her Fall 2013 lookbook! I couldn't help but give the clothes a little menswear feel with the fedora hat and gloves. I actually want MEI to make me a few pieces since everything is designed and produced in New York(hard to find that nowadays).  Let me know your thoughts on the clothes and styling. 

Photographer | Brendan Burdzinski 
Model | Julissa of Wilhelmina 
Stylish | Dapper Lou 
Makeup Artist | Chifumi Nambashi 
Hair Stylist | Jenna Drudi 


Van Cleef & Arpels x Dapper Lou

A few days ago, I mentioned teaming up with luxury jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels for a photo collaboration. The mission was finding modern gents that embodied the style and elegance of the new Pierre Arpels timepiece. What better place then New York City for a style search? My journey began in Brooklyn, continued to Lower Manhattan and ended near Central Park. While working on this project, I met people that truly brought some sartorial style and personality to the PA watch. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts on your favorite looks. 

Un grand merci mon ami a VCA pour cette collaboration.   

Matthew Foley, SoHo 
Shaun Paige, Brooklyn 
Mr.Anonymous, Soho 
Daivdson Petit-Frere, Financial District  
Dana Mason, Nolita
Julien Boudet , TriBeca 
Pearse Lumb, Ceneral Park 
Matthew Zorpas, West Village 

Van Cleef & Arpels x Dapper Lou

Over the summer, I had the privilege of working with luxury jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels to help launch their new Pierre Arpels watch. The idea was to photograph the modern man that I felt embodied the elegance of watch. So I started photographing various guys with a wide range of style to showoff the versatilely of the timepiece. My first subject, Davidson Petit-Frere, sporting the PA watch with a custom power blue suit, pink micro-check shirt and brown leather briefcase. Spot on! 

I'll be posting a few images from this series so stay tuned! 

Dapper Lou x GQ x Bloomingdale's - Power On Pop-Up Shop

Join me next week as I team up with GQ and Bloomingdale's to launch a "Power On" pop-up shop! 

RSVP by September 7 and Tweet using the hashtag #GearedUP for a chance to win tech gear from GQ's Picks!! 


Dapper Lou x Société Perrier

If your thirsty for fashion and style then Société Perrier and I got you covered. I'll be contributing to their global lifestyle site so get ready for more original content from your truly. 

To kick off the collaboration, I snapped street style for the Mad Decent Block Party in Williamsburg. Below is a little preview but check out the full gallery here. Bloggers | HypeBeast x Gap Campaign

The Gap and Hypebeast asked me to be apart of, an online lookbook that  highlights some of their new spring pieces. I'm a big fan of color, so I picked the brightest thing of the season which is a salmon crew neck T. I styled the tee two ways, first with a tan blazer then with a denim vest to showoff the versatility of the crew neck.  

<span class=

Click here see more looks. 

Shot by Laura Flores 

Dapper Lou x Badoo Project

If you live in New York City then you've probably seen my smiley face all over your train ride. Yes, I was one of 26 lucky people selected to participate in the  Badoo ad campaign. Badoo is a social networking site to meet new people. To be honest, it took a little getting used to riding the train with myself. But I was super grateful to be picked for such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 

To learn more about Badoo click here.


photo taken with iphone 

Bend It Like Beckhem, Style It Like Lou

The good folks at H&M invited me to London to attend the global launch event for David Beckham Bodywear line. Words can't begin to describe how amazing this trip was. It's not everyday I get to stay at The WestBury Hotel, meet David Beckham and shoot street style in Europe. My first night, I had dinner at Bar Boulud with the H&M rep and friends. The food was brilliant, I ordered the roasted lamp rump, braised shoulder cavolo Nero, Jerusalem artichoke, Israeli couscous sweet piguante peppers and tamrind jus. 

The event took place the following at the H&M store on Regent Street. Mr. Beckham arrived fashionably  late wearing a cream shawl collar sweater and blue jeans. Load of photographers started taking his picture than he started signing autographs for the public. 

After the event, we headed to The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair for a rather posh interview session. Tim Blanks of had a one-on-one chat with David and here are some of the questions/answers:

Tim Blanks: So why underwear, what did you feel that was missing in underwear that you could add to the whole?

David Beckham: I mean everyone needs underwear most of the time. So I think there are obviously some good underwear brands out there, but there's not great ones in my eyes. So the reason is - that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do it myself. I know what feels good, I kind of know what looks good, and like I said there are some great underwear brands out there, but I wanted to do it myself and I wanted to do something different.

TB: So this is your experience rather than research, this is what you have learnt from wearing underwear?

DB: Yeah, obviously there's a lot of research that goes into it, of course, you know I've been around for 36 years so I've seen my fair share of underwear. But no, you know, I think it was important for me to keep it simple. I like simple underwear, I like to be comfortable, I like to feel good - and you know that's what I've gone for.

TB: Do you have an underwear wardrobe; do you have like what you wear when you're playing, what you wear when you go out?
DB: I do now. No, you know obviously I wear the briefs when I'm playing because I feel more comfortable. But, you know, there's occasions for each item, so the long johns I won't wear when I'm playing though.

Next we changed and got ready for the after party that took place at the Henry Moore Courtyard in Millbank. Beyond posh. 

Thank you H&M for this wonderful experience.

Celebrating 1000 Post with MEI New York

One of my designer friends (promised not to say her name) has an amazing womenswear clothing line called MEI New York and she approached me to style her Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook. How could I resist the offer when it's inspired by one of my favorite things on earth? Menswear. Her concept behind the line was taken from 19th Century menswear, tintype, daguerreotype photographs, fragile apparel arts catalogs, and christopher payne's nostalgic imagery. The collection has the fine tailoring and structure of traditional menswear with the ease and comfort of the modern woman. Here is a sneak peek of the line:

Keith Tritto and Rick Lee hosted the photo shoot at their beautiful home in Staten Island. I hardly ever travel outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn so it was a nice little day trip. The Photographer Brendan Burdzinski did such a great job with his images and the model Maria Panchenko truly brought the clothing to life. I can't express how much I love surrounding myself with creative forces. 

Photographer | Brendan Burdzinski 
Stylist | Your's Truly 
Model | Maria Panchenko 
Host Keith Tritto & Rick Lee   

This is a very special feature since it marks my 1,000th post. So far, the year has been amazing! I'm working on some exciting projects, so stay tuned.

Happy 1000!!