Lou Picks | Pochette Square by Gailord Janson

The origins of the pocket squares may have been for personal hygiene, but today its one of fashion's biggest accessory for men. Weather worn formally or casually a pocket square can add color,elegance,sophistication to your attire. The brand Pochette Square is a great place to find pocket squares, because they have a whole website dedicated to them. They carry three very different collections called, "Chic","Trendy", and "Secrect in the pocket," so there is something for everyone.

If your not sure how to fold a pocket square, here are three ways courtesy of Pochette Square:

The "Flat"

  •  Lay your pocket square on a table
  •  Fold it in half from left to right
  •  Then, fold it in half again from bottom to top, but not all the way
  •  Fold it one last time horizontally, in order to fit the width of your breast pocket

 The "One point"

  • Lay your pocket square flat, folded in four, in the shape of a diamond.
  • Fold the left corner towards the right corner, stopping in the middle.
  • Fold the right corner towards the left corner, stopping in the middle.
  • Fold the bottom towards the top, stopping just over your other folds. 

The "Puff"

  • Lay the pocket square on a table and grab it from the middle between your
  • thumb and your forefinger
  • Delicately lift up the square
  • Grab the top of the pocket square with your other hand
  • Fold up the remaining fabric to the middle of the pocket square
  • Place it in your breast pocket and adjust it in order to obtain the desired "puff"