Women's Wear Wednesday | Stylist Ni'ma Ford Talks Menswear

I met Ni'ma Ford about 3 years ago when she worked for Zink Magazine. Her impeccable style automatically left a mark in my head. Ni'ma is a true pioneer of style. She has the ability to bring modern twist to vintage pieces(something that is easier said then done). 

Last month, I bumped into Ni'ma at The Do-Over Seaport in New York. She express her strong love for menswear. So I wanted to style and shoot Ni'ma in boy clothes for our new Women's Wear Wednesday series. Our shoot gave me the opportunity, to pick Ni'ma's brain on men's fashion while learning more about her styling career.  

How did you get started as a stylist?

I was apart of a styling club in college, there I learned about editorials, but it wasn't until I worked at Zink Magazine where I got the real hands on experience.

What's one of your most memorable shoots? and what made it stand out?

It would have to be the first shoot I ever creative directed, called My Crowd. It was focused on showcasing stylish New Yorkers. I created a party scene and shot 30 different talents in one day. It was crazy and alot of work, I was proud I pulled it off.

What do love about men's clothing? and why?

I feel men have to be creative when it comes to putting looks together because they don't have as many pieces to select from as women, so I enjoy when men play with color, layers and prints.

Name 3 things you hate seeing guys wearing:

1. Baggy or too skinny of a jean/pant annoys me.Cut is everything, I can't stand it when men's clothes don't fit. 

2. Too many trends, they took everything that's "in" and wore it at once. Just looks like there trying way too hard and have no true personal style.

3. I absolutely hate it when men's underwear are exposed, it's really tacky.

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What's next for Ni'ma? any upcoming projects?
I'm bursting with ideas, since I wear many hat. I recently creative directed a fashion film and now i'm working on a mini premiere. Starting a blog has been on my mind, but I'm not sure yet.

Where can we follow you? Twitter & Instagram @NimaFord
Also, check out my work on NimaFord.com and MixModelMgMt.com

Shot in SoHo, New York 

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