Little League...Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Yesterday afternoon I took my bike for a little ride around Brooklyn and we ended up in Prospect Park. While cruising on a somewhat beautiful day, I came across a league of little guys playing baseball. Of course my menswear eyes were drawn to the clothes, guess you can say I have a good eye. Completely different from the baseball term good eye, which means the batter saw the pitch correctly. Trust me, I didn't know that term prior to the game, so lucky Google nice enough to shed some light. Looking at the game from a style perspective was inspiring. The layering, oversize jerseys, Nike cleats and camo shot opened by eyes to how fashion can be found in anything. This is obviously no ground breaking discovery, but nice to think about the correlation occupationally. Thankfully none of the parents yelled for documenting their little ones. Guess that means I don't have a creepy face. Thrilling. Hope you enjoy photo series. Oh, I didn't catch the name of the teams but surely they are regulars at the park.  

"Events"Dapper Lou