Features | The Sock Hop...Nolita, New York

Last Thursday morning I was shooting street style in Nolita when I came across this family owned shop called The Sock Hop. The boutique was established in 2010 by the Nasserbakht brothers, Vincent and Theodore with a mission of timeless quality craftsmanship over mass production. How could I disagree what that philosophy? At THS you'll find a great selection of accessories like leathers goods, suspenders, fedora hats, sunglasses and of course socks. They source from experts around the world, so you know your getting your money's worth. I was particularly impressed with the in-house custom shirt for men and woman because the shirts are cut and sewn by the family and I'm a sucker for all things bespoke. I didn't leave empty handed, purchased a pair of bright red suspenders and will most likely be returning for a custom shirts. 


248 Elizabeth St, New York, NY