Little Teddy Is Inspired By Lou

Late last night, I received an email from Tracy Murrell who runs a blog called Mommy, who are we wearing? ,where she styles her three lovely children Teddy ,Lettie and Annie in the most adorable outfits. Tracy was so inspired by my H&M  Marni post that she recreated one of my looks on her little boy Teddy. How amazing is that? She even got the details down packed by changing his boot laces to red! I find it fascinating how one's personal style can be so influential. This is a clear vindication that image is everything, and you never know who you will inspire. Teddy, you are way too cool! 

Teddy is wearing: 
Hat| Crazy 8

Sunglasses | Gap Kids
White tank | Hanes
Striped T | Circo
Pants | Genuine Kids from Osh Kosh
Boots | Cherokee
Scarf: Unknown 
Watch | Buzz Lightyear

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