NYFW | Native Son Fall/Winter 2012

Designer Kyle Fitgibbons did a fantastic job creating timeless yet modern menswear pieces for the Native Son’s Fall 2012 collection. The color story consisted mainly of navy, grey, brown and black, but the subtle details, fine tailoring and effortless styling made up for the lack of color.

Outerwear was the strongest part of the collection. Fitgiboons created timeless yet edgy coats and leather jackets that would elevate any mans wardrobe. A standout piece, the grey and black varsity jacket was modern without breaking away from traditional style. The ribbing details on the black leather jacket and sweaters creative a consistent edge in an otherwise safe collection. Fitgiboon choice of accessories included black baseball caps, black leather gloves, and sunglasses was spot on.    

Without a doubt, my favorite look was the black biker jacket paired with the brown two-button suit, black skinny tie and black gloves(pictured above). Coupling a traditionally cut suit with the leather biker jacket creating a polished edge that was simply refreshing. I certainly have to personalize this look next fall. This collection would definitely appeal to a man who isn’t exactly fashion forward but wants to look polished.

My least favorite look was the baseball cap paired with the black suit and white shirt button down shit(picture above). For lack of a better term, this outfit was a bit boring.    

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