Events | Exclusive Launch of Alexandre Mattiussi for AMI at Barney's New York

Tuesday evening, I attended a private event at Barney's New York for the launch of a new men's line, Ami. The brand's creator, Alexandre Mattiussi was present for a meet and greet, so we chatted about the concept behind his line.

After working on collections at Dior,Givenchy,and Marc Jacobs and building his knowledge of men's tailoring, Mattiussi decided to start a line completely his vision. "We are not all billionaires", explains Mattiussi, so his mission is an affordable price point, without compromising on quality and sophisticated designs.

The brand's name is composed of the Mattiussi's initials and the last letter of his name, together they spell 'Ami' which means 'friend' in French. A form fitting name for a collection made for the real man, who is in search of relaxed elegance, authenticity and most importantly a new 'friend'.

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