Le printemps...Jardin des Plantes, Paris

 In the Spring the sun starts to warm, flowers start to bloom, trees take on new leaves and people remove Winter layers to enjoy the eager warmth of the sun. It's a time for change so I passed by the Jardin des Plantes in Paris to embrace the start of a new season. In the images above, I'm wearing a khaki vintage Panama hat, military green parka jacket, and black waistcoat paired with a blue Descendent of Thieves button-up, black H&M trousers, classic Brera watch and cream and black polka dot scarf.  

I also wanted to include a spring poem that depicts the same changes we feel during the season.

It's Springtime 
Leonard J.Bourret 

Winter ice takes it's time, 
cracking through the 
glacial sublime.
Snow disappears from every 
crevice, and frees up the 
fresh-water lakes, and the 
golden ponds.
Spring displays a terra 
firma sign. 
Dormant trees begin to bud,
leaves and flowers start to 
unfurl, and our exciting 
sprits soar and whirl. 
On panoramic mountain views 
we'll climb, and hike on 
scented trails of pine,
tasting the flavor of New 
England, and enjoying its 
sprit-filled Spring mime.   

"Dapper Lou"Dapper Lou