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Motherland, a place where I was able to get clarity but then as I walked with liquid courage in my system. The mother of all lands where drums create melodies that makes us jump so high it looks like we’re trying to reach the sky. Our smiles are so bright it looks like we’re lighting up the night. We wear clothes with the colors of the rainbow but our hearts are as white as snow.

- Sartorial Poet

Let Your Light Shine

Remain thoughtful not thoughtless
For every moment spent in emotions
Grants us the ability to empathize
Feelings we’ve felt
Within, and outside,
Without the fear of pain
Do not fear pain
Let it go
In each embrace
In warmth
Encompassing us
Given not demanded
Relax in the comfort of acceptance
That which we give
To each other
Let go, take hold of me,
And shine on.

-Sartorial Poet

Shani & Imani