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The Saturday Series

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This Saturday March 15th I've teamed up with Barneys New York Brooklyn for a personal styling event. As you probably know, buying product is one thing but great styling will take the look to another level. Barneys New York has a well curated selection of designer goods that we've learned to love. This event is just in time for the Spring so stop by, show love and see what's on the racks this season at Barneys New York. See you Saturday for a laid back shopping experience in the coolest borough!

Visit for their full range of Spring gear. 

Location | 194 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y 11201


The Traveler, featuring Freddie Mac, Berlin

My last day in Berlin, I got a change to photograph Berlin based photographer Freddie Mac. All the locations and shots were spontaneous because as we took a tour of the city we shot at the places that stood out.  Shoots that a impromptu usually fun because its a time to go with the flow and see where the vision takes you. 

Tech · Knowledge

Tech · Knowledge

When fashion meets tech the outcome is usually stylish yet practical. Surely, this is the case for the collaboration between Ebay and CFDA Designer Michael Bastian, who released a limited edition USB bracelet. Finally, a legitimate reason to ditch the iPhone charger because the bracelet lets your charge and transfer data. I styled the piece with a blue suit, striped shirt, printed scarf, maroon loafers and signature fedora (clearly feeling fancy that day). But of course, the styling can go anywhere from dressy to casual.  

credits: Suit: Zegna, Shirt: H&M, Scarf, Hat and Varsity: Vintage 

Shop | Ebay

Location |  Quazi King studio...Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 

Crossed Lines - Dapper x Banana Republic

It didn't occur to me how much I liked plaid until American retailer Banana Republic released their plaid shop. The brand commissioned me to document how the tartan print fits into my lifestyle, which is easier said then done.  Finding all the elements that make a shoot possible is challenging yet exciting because you want to follow the theme, while securing a space and meeting deadlines. My photo team and I enjoyed creating the visuals because we got to throw around different ideas and concepts. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks again BR for the opportunity.


Location | The Chatwal Hotel in the Stamford White Studio

Photographer | Julien Boudet

Photo Assistant | Raphael Capel 

Photo Assistant |  Jeremy J Mitchell