Casual Camo

We all know that camouflage is used by military forces because of it's ability to blend soldiers into their surroundings. Certainly, this textile gives armies an advantage over their enemies during wartime. In the past, armies commissioned artist such as Salvador Dalí and Charles André to develop specialized patterns for combat. On the contrary, camo has also been used to promote an anti-war message by artist like Andy Warhol and Ian Hamilton Finley. 

Outside of art, since 1919 camouflage has been popular in fashion. From Street Wear to High Fashion, this disguising material is quite visible in designer collections across the market. Some may even suggest that the print is over used but nevertheless it's a menswear staple. 'Shot the Street' for casual camo and incorporate the iconic print into your summer wardrobe. 

These images were shot in Sydney, Australia, at New Orleans Jazz Fest and Soho, New York.