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Eau de Toilette

Looking and smelling fresh goes hand in hand. The same way a run-down pair of shoes can ruin an outfit, a unpleasant scent can be just as offensive. So buy out time to find the right fragrance for you. But with so much product on the market one may ask, where to start? Well, finding ingredients in a scent that suites your taste is a start. From masculine to gentle, a gent's cologne should embody his personality and style. A masculine man's first thought may be to lean towards a bold woody scent, but this doesn't have to be the case.  Perhaps a softer scent like Dolce & Gabbana "The One" or YSL L'Homme de Nuit (which personally is my favorite) will work for him. The perfect balance between bold and light is key. Tom Ford 'Oud Wood and Italian Bergamont by Ermenegildo Zegna are two other great scents for a classic yet modern gent. Granted the price tag for designer scents isn't for everyone but paying for quality is inescapable.  

In collaboration with Ebay, I've curated a Collection of Eau de Toilette scents that range from classics to contemporary. Featuring all time favorites scents, to wish list and to gifts guides, collections is an ideal way to organize product (with a strong possibility of purchase). So check out my collections here and keep in mind smelling good isn't an option, so might as well do it elegantly.


Solitude, Featuring Steven Onoja...Prospect Park, Brooklyn

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to style the Fall 2013 Dawson boot from Stacy Adams (for a chance to win them of course). After reading some of the comments, it seems like the majority of you guys went for classic and effortless styling. On the other hand, our model Steven Onoja had a different vision for the Dawson boots (pictured above). By pairing the shoes with a loose fitting green suit, our subject went for a dresser yet relaxed fall ensemble. Subtle earth tones colors seems to work perfectly with the grey Dawson boots. However, if the suit were a bold color than the it wouldn’t be as practical for everyday wear. Another styling option would be breaking up the suit and casually wearing the blazer with jeans. 

Steven matched the grey wool fedora hat and boots to adding balance to the look. Remember, it’s okay to match, as long as you don’t go overboard. For contrast, Steven paired the green suit and cream button down knowing that the pieces complement each other. A yellow flower lapel isn’t something I would personally would wear, but it works for this look. Simply because he isn’t wearing a neck tie so the lapel isn’t competing with anything. Plus the small lapel details also adds a great pop of color without being too distracting. A leather bag is always a great accessory to an outfit because it automatically upgrades your look. What do you think about Steve's styling?

The last contest is officially closed but as a bonus Stacy Adams is giving away another pair of shoes. Here are the rules:

1.Dessert vs Cap toe boot

Tell us why you prefer one boot over the other in the comment section with your email addy.

*Stacy Adams might contact you with the provided email address for further specials and promotions. If you are not interested in receiving further communication, please do not leave your email address*

2.For an additional entry, post on Facebook by tagging #StacyAdamsStyle.

Official Rules can be found here. Contest ends November 30

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Hard Copy

Every now and then we all enjoy a good read. Personally, I'm obsessed with books that shed light on past decades and seeing their relevance to modern times. "Sixties Design",  by Philippe Garner has great insight on pop culture from Twiggy, the Beatles, and space age architecture. The vivid photography makes you feel like you've been transported back to the hippy life.  

"Beautiful Losers" organized by Aaron Rose and Christian Strike is another book I recommend. Featuring over 50 artist like Jean-Michael Basquiat, Keith Haring, Paymind Pettibon and R. Crumb  who appreciate street culture and contemporary art. From mediums like painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media collage the book has it all.  

In collaboration with Ebay, I've curated a Collection of other noteworthy books. Collections are cool because it's an organized way to shop for product.  Under my "Hard Copy" Collection, you'll find books about vintage menswear, design and art.  

Check out all the books featured in the images above and more here

By the way, what books are you currently reading? 



The Dawson Boot

The American brand Stacy Adams, established in 1875, has asked me to test out their new Fall 13 shoes. Honestly, when looking for footwear Stacy Adams isn't usually my go to brand, but their new collection has  a few noteworthy pieces. One shoe in particular, the "Dawson" desert boot caught my eye because of it's simple design. Desert boots were popularized in the late 40's and worn casually.  The Stacy Adams version of the boot comes in wearable colors like brown, black and grey.  Obviously black and brown will never go out of style so once you covered you're the basics, branch into something more interesting like grey.  The Dawson features soft leather, upper suede and rubber sole so it feels good on the feet. But best part of the shoe is the under 100 bucks price tag. Looking stylish, without breaking the bank, so I'm not mad at all. 

We're also giving away a pair of  Stacy Adams shoes so follow the steps below to enter: 

1. Tell us how you will style these shoes in the comment section with your email addy.   

*Stacy Adams might contact you with the provided email address for further specials and promotions. If you are not interested in receiving further communication, please do not leave your email address*

2. For an additional entry, Use the hashtag #StacyAdamsStyle on Facebook or Twitter

Official Rules can be found here. Contest ends November 1

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22 Wearable Fall Essentials

Savor up the last days of summer because the 21th of September marks the official start to Fall. A new season calls for an updated wardrobe, but I strongly recommend shopping from your closet. Why? Because, if you start looking at what pieces you have you'll have an better idea of what you'll need. Plus shopping from your closet will minimize impulse shopping and unnecessary purchases. Nothing is worst then buying clothes you don't need only having to stand on those long return lines. Accessories like shoes, belts and hats tend to last longer so invest there. The idea is to have a balance of mixing the old with the new.  I've rounded up 22 wearable product, so nothing over-the-top just on point and straight forward.

Click to shop the Fall guide.

Gucci Sunnies

As a way to say thanks for following Dapper Lou, I'm giving away a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Entering the contest is simple:

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Contest closes on Wednesday September 25,2013 and a winner will be contacted on Thursday September 26,2013.


22 Back to School Pieces

Summer is slowly coming to an end, so have as much fun as possible before heading back to class. Hopefully text books won't break the bank and you'll have time to splurg. I've rounded up some online product from varsity jackets to backpacks. So look smart, feel smarter and study hard this fall.  (click to shop)

22 Pieces for a Summer Heat Wave

It's officially a heat wave here in NYC. You can't spend 5 minutes outside without sweat dripping down your back. Incredible! So in addition to drinking tons of water, walking in the shade or heading to the beach. Here are 22 pieces that will make you look cool as you try to stay cool this week.

Casual Camo

We all know that camouflage is used by military forces because of it's ability to blend soldiers into their surroundings. Certainly, this textile gives armies an advantage over their enemies during wartime. In the past, armies commissioned artist such as Salvador Dalí and Charles André to develop specialized patterns for combat. On the contrary, camo has also been used to promote an anti-war message by artist like Andy Warhol and Ian Hamilton Finley. 

Outside of art, since 1919 camouflage has been popular in fashion. From Street Wear to High Fashion, this disguising material is quite visible in designer collections across the market. Some may even suggest that the print is over used but nevertheless it's a menswear staple. 'Shot the Street' for casual camo and incorporate the iconic print into your summer wardrobe. 

These images were shot in Sydney, Australia, at New Orleans Jazz Fest and Soho, New York.