House of Cards

Delicate and refined. Simple and powerful.

He stands with precision and structure. As well-cut as a diamond, he steps out onto the Diamond of the field, ready to take his place in the finely tuned machine of the game. The progression from flat foundation to triumphant tower was one of time, effort and acute attention to the finest of details. Layered with Hearts, Spades, and finesse, he's risen to the skies desired by many, yet scraped by few. He strips it all away. Pulling out a Spade and watching the collapse of beauty. Reds and blacks, Clubs and Hearts-- the awe-inspiring structure of sheer skill and patience comes fluttering down. Scattered across the field. And then he starts again. He rebuilds. Rising once more with the same care and precision he had before. As much as he loves to look at his completed work, he loves the journey all the more.He's a product of his environment. A product of New York.


Product of New York | '86 Trophy Pack | 4.11.15

Words by Rich Etienne

Location | Studio959

Sponsored by Product Of New York  

Lougè Delcy