Ever since he was a child, he had a hard time fitting in. He was the reclusive introvert who spent more time mulling over the printed words scattered across the pages in the books he kept close at hand than conversing with someone he could possibly befriend. In his eyes, people were simply characters in life's novel. The individuals he observed during his daily commute were much like the men and women he cradled in his palm. With stolen glances and prolonged stares that seemingly went unnoticed, he learned to read to between the lines to develop "John," "Alissa", "Robert", and others who were now apart of his own narrative.


There was something amiss about this man that makes him all the more a subject of intrigue. He was poetically terrified of his own shadow; too frightened to examine the man he had become and not brave enough to think of what he could achieve with his talents. His routines were robotic. His wardrobe was littered with striped garments reminiscent of the bar codes branded on the back covers of the stacked books that stood beside him as read on. The barriers of his apartment sheltered the silence that he so adored. It was this calming quietude that relaxed his bones as his mind teleported him to the infinite landscapes of elsewhere.


When he had his fill of pages for the evening, it was then that sound would be reintroduced to his aphonic abode. As he made his way to the bathroom, the wooden floorboards would speak in fluent creaks. His breathing manifested itself in audibly loud yawns indicative of his fatigued state. After voiding himself of the fluids he withheld during his journeys in literature, he does something most people would deem rather peculiar. He peers at his reflection in the mirror and begins to mimic the facial expressions of the characters that he had previously observed throughout the course of his commute. It was only in this manner that he would allow the features of his face to feel emotion. His preoccupation in studying the somatic language and mannerisms of strangers reveal his desire to experience the things that cause humans to feel. This is the case of an intelligent, beautiful man, paralyzed by the fear that comes with uncertainty.   


Miguel wearing Braxton Jogger pants by Paige Denim in Black Gravel and Olive Drab paired with Masion Kitsune Jacket, Tomorrowland Blazers, Tan cotton woven tank by Salvatore Ferragamo. 


Words by Joekenneth

Model Miguel Rafael at Adam Models

Casting Gerard Pierre 

Photo Assistant Brandon Pitcher 

Sponsored by Paige Denim