Free Sprit

A free sprit longing for a great escape finds herself longing for deep water. She needs to become one with the ocean. Her desires to take in the last days of summer can not be contained, so she explores the land to satisfy her craving.  The golden hour is upon her but only if time could stand still while she glazes over the twilight. She cools off with a night dive and forgets about the worries and anxieties of the day. But naturally her love for the deep blue is short lived. Mystery and seduction soon follows as Cool Water Night Dive by Davidoff keeps her company.  The fresh scent of shivering mint and cold watery fruits grabs her attention but woody richness keeps her fulfilled. She continues to reflects over the ocean and smells the freshness of the fragrance. Another summer comes and goes. 

Like our free sprit many of us love the ocean, but few are really conscious of the delicate balance that governs this facile environment. Davidoff Cool Water and the National Geographic Society are committed to preserving the ocean by continuing their partnership to help protect the ocean. Be apart of the movement by using the #LovetheOcean on Instagram because every post helps protect  50,000 square feet of the ocean. Long live the waters."  



Lougè Delcy