On The Rocks

The waters of the sea seem to beckon all of mankind during the temperate conditions of the Summer season. There is a majestic nature in the juxtaposition of the ocean's fluidity and the unmovable stones on the shore. This blending of the elements is captured in our ode to the Montblanc 90th anniversary of Meisterstück.

Clad in the breathable comfort of a linen blazer and soft cotton shirt, our traveling man adds texture to his style with the soft grain leather bag which marries durability and elegance. The zip-closure of the bag allows his nerves to remain at ease while making his way toward the waters, knowing that his valuables are safe. Aware that the golden hour is not one to be missed, he examines the Meisterstück Heritage Date Automatic adorning his wrist. Holding the black leather strap, he glances at the movement within the glass casing. As he leaves the beach for the evening's festivities, the colors decorating the sky reflect on the golden bezel. To call the scene a thing of beauty is an understatement.



Shot by Jeremy Mitchell, Words by Joekenneth

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