Hard Copy

Every now and then we all enjoy a good read. Personally, I'm obsessed with books that shed light on past decades and seeing their relevance to modern times. "Sixties Design",  by Philippe Garner has great insight on pop culture from Twiggy, the Beatles, and space age architecture. The vivid photography makes you feel like you've been transported back to the hippy life.  

"Beautiful Losers" organized by Aaron Rose and Christian Strike is another book I recommend. Featuring over 50 artist like Jean-Michael Basquiat, Keith Haring, Paymind Pettibon and R. Crumb  who appreciate street culture and contemporary art. From mediums like painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media collage the book has it all.  

In collaboration with Ebay, I've curated a Collection of other noteworthy books. Collections are cool because it's an organized way to shop for product.  Under my "Hard Copy" Collection, you'll find books about vintage menswear, design and art.  

Check out all the books featured in the images above and more here

By the way, what books are you currently reading? 


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