Shadow Play

featuring Artist Tony Gum 

shot in Cape Town, South Africa


Rose Gold


Pink : Series


This is time of the year where the sun spends hours loitering in the sky. The masses celebrate its presence with bold prints and vibrant colors; creating a mosaic on crosswalks. However, there is a part of the city's canvas that remains untouched.

It's the shoes.

Their clean slate is the beginning of stories that will be told upon the pavement. From strolls in the park to brunch dates in Soho; give the sun something to shine on with the UGG Tobin sneaker.

Dapper Lou x UGG


In my work as an artist, I am continually fascinated by color. It has been a key element in my creative process since the beginning. My use of various colors reveal different aspects of my mood. When traveling, I'm inspired by the vibrant hues of Trinidad and Tobago, the gray skies of London, and the cotton candy sunsets of Los Angeles. With that said, I was instantly captivated by the HP Spectre's daring juxtaposition of black and copper. 

The strong yet elegant palette inspired me to reinvent obsession by revolutionizing the way we look at color. For my "Bronze" editorial I chose a dark, solid backdrop to accentuate the bright, metallic tones highlighted by my subject. Her poses are bold and confident like the Spectre's sleek design. See more about the HP Spectre in this "Making Of" video. 


Model - Fola

Writer - Joekenneth

La Lune Skirt -   Elle est...