Style & Culture...Berlin

Berlin is a cultural city filled with street art, galleries, museums, cuisine, nightlife and shops.  The city could easily be called the Lower East Side, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy of Europe. Hipster, Hippies and Creatives roamed the streets with eclectic style some style were a little too grungy if you ask me. But nevertheless the style was interesting and worth looking at.  Last month, I spent five days in the city and honestly felt like I didn't have time to see everything the city has to offer so next time  exploring the 700 museums and galleries. 

These photos are a mixture of iphone and Nikon shots.

Style & Culture, Milano

I had the privilege of visiting Milan with Persol for their Film Noir Event. While in Europe I took the opportunity to document the style out the shows of Milan Fashion Week. The photo series above showcases the event images and Milano style.


Have a great weekend.


Style and Culture...Part 2

This New York Fashion week I've documented a journal of things seen throughout the week. The idea was to focus on moments and creating a story surrounding the week. This winter in NYC has been freezing cold so shoot on the street wasn't sweet but anything to get the shot. For the next two weeks I'll be going a little traveling so stay tuned.  

Style & Culture

When fashion week rolls around I'm always inspired by people, product and places. So this season I've decided to do create a lifestyle series that explores the style experience as a whole through my lens.  Be sure to expect anything from presentations to personal style.