Sweet TNT

On a quest for color and vibrancy, we found houses brighter than the rays of the sun. But stopping to take pictures in the middle of the road might not have been the brightest idea. Car honked their horns, as Tobagonians yelled, "Get out the street." But despite their yelling, nothing could kill our vibe. We found a red house, but it wasn't quite right. You know you have found the perfect location when you get a feeling that can't hardly be expressed. The desire to see more filled our minds, so we kept driving until we found a location that might have very well been a figment of our imagination. Shortly thereafter, our mission was accomplished. A yellow house that seemed to be under construction. Once again, we stopped the car and took more photos, but this time the cars zoomed by us. Daniel and James both happened to be wearing red shirts. So naturally they became the muse for this photoset. James was feeling a little adventurous so he climbed the yellow wall and of course my shutter caught every moment. We had a moment of contentment when we realized we got the shot.

Tobago, June 2016 

Lougè Delcy