Paradiziac....Trinidad & Tobago

A sweet escape from the cold New York City to the warm paradisiacal beaches of Trinidad & Tobago. The natives showed much hospitality by greeting us with a proper Trinidadian accent and cheerful smiles. As we explored, colorful architecture caught our attention. My lenses captures a land filled with breathtaking beaches, waterfalls and rural communities. During the journey, we sailed into the blue sea and took the opportunity to go snorkeling. We were immersed in the body of water and taking in the awe inspiring marine life scenery. Welcome to paradise. 

Featuring the Craft Cargo in Mirage Blue by Paige Denim, styled with Mr Nieves, H&M fedora, Haerfest trainers, and Miansai bracelet. 

Sponsored content by Paige Denim.  

Lougè Delcy